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How I Got Into a Threesome

During my single days, it was hard enough to find one guy who made me want to shave my legs, let alone two. There was little reason to consider having a threesome. It would only introduce added issues: an overcrowded bed, too many body parts, too much multi-tasking. This pre-dated the Internet and Dummies books; […]

Who’s the Happiest One at a Wedding?

The happiest one at many weddings may well be Sylvia Weinstock, at 84 still personally delivering cakes that cost thousands, even tens of thousands. Among her clients have been Michael Douglas, Mariah Carey, the Saudi royal family and Donald Trump, whose loyalty card surely has enough punches to qualify him for a freebie. A recent […]


We’ll Always Have Paris

It isn’t Hermes scarves or miniature Eiffel Towers that call out, “Take me home” when we’re wandering around Paris. That’s too bad as they’re easier to shlep back to New York than the Quimper pottery, Provencal tablecloths, cafĂ© signs, escargot plates, ceramic Calvados set and other vintage brocante I’ve squeezed into a suitcase, leaving behind […]