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Pique Assiette Mosaic Art Vase


“What are you leaving for the tip?” my husband asked, studying our share of the dinner check we were splitting with my newish girlfriend and her husband, whom we were meeting for the first time. The restaurant was reasonably priced, so I was stunned when my friend’s husband replied, “Thirty-two.” “That can’t be right,” I […]

Custom Mosaic Picture Frames

Got an order and thought I was hacked

Last week I got an email telling me that someone had bought two items from this site and paid me through paypal. The email didn’t look like what I usually receive, so I got suspicious and was afraid to to near my computer. The most logical explanation was that someone had hacked me and if […]

What Really Matters At A Wedding

Because the Ghostbusters, Batman, and reptile lady I’d hired for our son’s early birthday parties had been so well received, I’d expected I would be involved in the planning of his recent wedding. “I’d like you to play ‘Sunrise, Sunset’, ” I told him on the phone. He didn’t respond, which I attributed to their […]

You Can’t Trust Online Reviews

Each time I’m disappointed by a new vacuum cleaner, wine cooler or skin lightener, my husband says, “I told you not to trust online reviews!” That’s also his reaction when I push to try a restaurant that got 40 fabulous reviews minutes after it opened. I’ve accused him of being overly suspicious only to find […]


“See who’s viewing your profile” — LinkedIn, you’re a yenta

“See who’s viewed your profile,” is the new, “Want to know what so and so said about you?” LinkedIn makes no pretense of being discreet. The site is no better than the yenta friend who can’t wait to tell you that someone said something about you. Today they told me that only 21 people have […]

What Do Your Apps say About You?

Forget all those tests on Facebook that claim to uncover the real you. Nothing is more revealing than which apps you have on your smart phone (I’m distinguishing it from the landline for those old enough to be confused). My list and the reason I chose each: Flashlight: for reading a menu and the full […]


Breaking News: politicians cheat no more than the rest of us

  The attention given to Justin Harris, whose computer showed he’d read online about leaving children in a locked car and what it’s like to serve time before his 22-month-old son was found dead in his car, made me anxious about searching for sites offering help with extra-marital affairs. What I found is that cheating […]

Lemon Lime

Having a Child: thumbs up…or down?

In 20024 (back when people still had jobs and droves of unpaid interns weren’t yet returning home to their parents) they studied 909 Texas working women, concluding that parenting is not necessarily a source of happiness. Bottom line was creating babies is not something you should try at home. Out of nineteen activities, the women […]

Sh*t Mosaic Artists Say

Fu*k, my nippers broke Ask someone else. I don’t work here. (at Home Depot) Where are the Band-aids? I cut myself. (at CVS) That dark stuff? It’s grout. (at nail salon) My hair? It got messed up by the face mask I wear while grouting. (at hair salon) The red on my nose? Must be […]

House Guests: need a house gift?

As soon as the temperature goes above 50 in New York, my husband and I have a surge in popularity because our friends have summer houses with guest rooms to fill. “Maybe this year you’ll come to the Cape… We’d love to have you visit in the Hamptons… Think about spending a weekend with us […]

Stephen Colbert vase

How I Got Into a Threesome

During my single days, it was hard enough to find one guy who made me want to shave my legs, let alone two. There was little reason to consider having a threesome. It would only introduce added issues: an overcrowded bed, too many body parts, too much multi-tasking. This pre-dated the Internet and Dummies books; […]

Who’s the Happiest One at a Wedding?

The happiest one at many weddings may well be Sylvia Weinstock, at 84 still personally delivering cakes that cost thousands, even tens of thousands. Among her clients have been Michael Douglas, Mariah Carey, the Saudi royal family and Donald Trump, whose loyalty card surely has enough punches to qualify him for a freebie. A recent […]


We’ll Always Have Paris

It isn’t Hermes scarves or miniature Eiffel Towers that call out, “Take me home” when we’re wandering around Paris. That’s too bad as they’re easier to shlep back to New York than the Quimper pottery, Provencal tablecloths, café signs, escargot plates, ceramic Calvados set and other vintage brocante I’ve squeezed into a suitcase, leaving behind […]