The Knee Defender: “No way” or “totally”?

“This is your captain. I welcome you to the Passover Flight.

On all other flights, we sit upright. But on this flight, we recline.

It’s getting worse up there in the air. A new device, The Knee Defender, is being brought on board by those out to make it impossible for the person in the seat ahead of them to lean back. Recently several flights were diverted when fights broke out about who owns the air rights above our feet. One passenger threw water onto another, and a flight from Miami to Paris made an unscheduled landing in Boston to unload the combatants.

With airlines charging for everything, my fear is we will soon be hearing the flight attendant say, “Would you care to buy a sandwich or a Knee Defender?” We are paying extra for every additional inch of space, making me grateful for osteoporosis shortening my legs so I can almost squeeze them into the minuscule space provided. If they’re measuring our carry-on bags, aren’t we right to worry that anyone above average size and height might have to pay a surcharge?

What’s your position? I know, cramped. But do you think passengers should be allowed to prevent others from reclining?