Breaking News: politicians cheat no more than the rest of us


The attention given to Justin Harris, whose computer showed he’d read online about leaving children in a locked car and what it’s like to serve time before his 22-month-old son was found dead in his car, made me anxious about searching for sites offering help with extra-marital affairs. What I found is that cheating is easier than ever with sites like Heated, Erotic and Affairs You don’t have to buy someone a drink or tell a convincing story. Choose a password and you’re on your way. Even before signing up, you see photos of “lovely me” and “nikkicutie.” Not surprisingly, there were no photos on any Home Pages of politicians who were found to have been involved in sex scandals. claims to have over 40 million members worldwide, reason to question the value of marriage vows. It makes the point that having an affair with someone in your own crowd is risky, overlooking the possibility of “lovely me’s” spouse deciding to become one of the over 40 million members and coming across his wife’s photo.


Emily’s list probably doesn’t review these sites, but there are sites telling you which can be trusted. I suspect cheating sites may be profitable for sites that come up in the same search with names like, “Catch a Cheating Spouse.”


Despite what we might think from what we’ve heard on cable news shoes, the percentage of politicians who cheat, according to a recent poll, is consistent with that of the rest of the population. Even so, I created a tribute to politicians who’ve been caught in cheating scandals, including their photos in a pique assiette design. This and other satirical mosaic pieces comprise my Breaking News Series. I ask that you look at them before rushing off cheatersBto check out nikkicutie.