Politicians Caught Cheating


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Our elected officials whose primary bipartisan activity seemed to be getting caught in sexual scandals are depicted on a cremation urn. In the assemblage of tiny mirrors, red, white and blue plates with flag images are small photos (protected by clear glass) of John Edwards, John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Clinton and others who held office and other things, explaining their sexual activities by saying, “Because I can.” Red, white and blue glass tiles add a decidedly American touch.  Bright white grout. Silver-toned metal screw-on top and interior. 10″ high 7 1/2″ across widest part. Remember these guys? Remember hiking the Appalachian Trail and all the other lies? If you know a politician or know someone who’s cheated or been cheated on (and which of us doesn’t?), this is a gift sure to make them laugh.


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