Job Losses


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When things are rotten — and they have been for many since the economic crisis of 2008, it helps to laugh. Let’s hope the day will come when this playfully outfitted, mosaic urn will be our only reminder of the recession and I can design a piece with a recovery theme.┬áRed, white and blue shards and glass tiles are mixed in with photos (protected by glass) of job-losses: A pink slip saying, “You’re fired!” A foreclosure notice “Layoffs suck” “Stop the layoffs” “Who will teach our children?” The National Debt clock. Red, white and blue plates were nipped to create this distinctly American collector’s item. screw-on top and interior. You – or someone you want to surprise with a most unusual gift – will own a piece of American history (and let’s hope it becomes history). 12″ high, 8″ across widest part. I


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