Wall Street Financial Swindlers


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It’s the economy, stupid, but these are some of the people to blame. Photos of Bernie Madoff, other ponzi schemers and financial swindlers mingle with logos of Goldman Sachs, Putnam Investments, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Halliburton,Enron, AIG, Lehman Brothers and others responsible for our country’s current, serious economic problems. A recent study showed that a good percentage of Americans had no idea who Bernie Madoff is. The urn will insure we don’t forget what he did to so many. Red white and blue gems adorn this personalized¬†cremation urn along with Sakura Spirit of the Flag plates designed by Warren Kimble.¬† Bright white grout. If you’re not in the 1% – and most of us aren’t – it helps to laugh.

11″ high
9″ across widest part


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