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The Artist

I only break plates I love. They often have interesting images and words. After studying pique assiette mosaic art (translates to “stolen from the plate”), I developed a style of my own, transforming useful household objects — vases, picture frames, kitchen caddies, tables, lamps, etc. — into truly original decorative art.

Custom orders offer the opportunity of personalization; photos and text can be embedded in the mosaic pattern. Tiles, glass gems and other surprises are the punctuation. A writer, I work both in the media and in mixed media.

Commission me to execute your creative vision. I am particularly gratified by those who return each time they want a gift to celebrate a wedding, new baby, birthday, anniversary, housewarming or any occasion.

Satirical Mosaics 

My background in comedy writing explains the “Breaking News” Series, edgy pieces that comment on America’s crises — from politicians involved in sex scandals to Wall Street swindlers — fittingly done on cremation urns. Go to Limited Editions and look for faces you recognize. “Is The Right Right?” shows the last generation of right wing politicians and pundits. I nipped shards from red, white and blue plates, including American flag images. This artisan urn was selected by the highly competitive Brooklyn Waterfront Arts Coalition Wide Open Exhibition.

From Comedy Writer to Mosaic Artist

It was a kick to have AARP produce a short film about me. It didn’t however, protect the future of Social Security or Medicare. They included the work I do on my other site –



in the press…


A Comedy Writer on Her New Career Making Mosaics
New York Times – October 13, 2010


Sybil Sage
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